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 How do I join?

It is necessary to complete three day walks as a visitor (overnight walks and base camps count as 2) paying the administration fee of $5.00 per day walk and $10.00 for extended trips. After that is a simple matter to fill in the Application for Membership form and send this to the Secretary. Membership is usually granted after the application form is submitted to the committee.  

What does membership cost?

Annual Subscription

Adult......$55.00      Associate (below 16 years)......$41.25        Family......$82.50  (A discount of approximately $28 applies if primary membership is held with another walking club affiliated with Bushwalking Victoria)

Holding Single.....$27.5      Holding Family.....$41.25  (Holding members are restricted to three one-day walks per year, or one extended walk event)

Membership includes four newsletters (Contour Lines) and programs per year. These are emailed just before January, April, July and October. They are also available on this web site in the Members Only section.

Membership Application Form

Click below to download the membership application form. The other attachments below are those mentioned in the declaration on the application form. 

Application for Membership

Member's Guide

Code of Conduct

Walking Club of Victoria Rules


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