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The Walking Club of Victoria (WCV) (founded in 1947) is a Melbourne based bushwalking club catering for men, women, and families. Club members come from all parts of Melbourne. The club conducts activities 52 weeks of the year consisting of bush walks, suburban walks and base camps. These activities are supplemented by cycling and other active and social pursuits. Interstate excursions and occasional overseas trips extend the walking horizons. Membership is small enough to avoid being impersonal, resulting in close and on-going companionship.

Walks are scheduled for every Sunday of the year. These typically take place in National Parks or other suitable bushlands within easy reach of Melbourne. Wednesday walks are less strenuous and provide a pleasant mid-week social atmosphere. These walks take place in the suburban green areas or in the nearby hills with the occasional trip further afield using V-Line. Stroller walks are even less strenuous as they are short with few or no hills; they are scheduled fortnightly. Base camps and other walking trips are organised on a less frequent basis but are essentially an extension of the Sunday bush walks, unless designated as a Stroller basecamp. For more details on walks click here.

The club meets on the first Thursday of each month (except January) to discuss the forthcoming events. Meetings include guest speakers or some other form of entertainment. The clubhouse is currently located at the Malvernvale Hotel, 1321 Malvern Rd Malvern. The club also produces two quarterly publications for all financial members.

  1. The Club Program of events covers the walks and other functions for the next three months, as well as sometimes advance notice of future events.
  2. “Contour Lines” is the club newsletter covering past events and news.

The best part of the WCV club is undoubtedly its members and their companionship. Members come from all walks of life and have varied interests and backgrounds but share a common love for the bush and for walking. Many members have a great many years' experience of walking in Victoria and no matter what the walk, someone will have been there before. With this sort of club background, the WCV is as much a family as it is a walking club.

For further information or a copy of the latest program contact the Secretary, Carol Eagles, on 0409 211 386, or email

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