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 The Walking Club of Victoria has a comprehensive social program to complement the walking programs.  In addition to monthly lunches and dinners, interested members are invited to join an online communication platform (Slack), where members post invitations to attend movies, theatre, health-and-wellbeing, art and book events. There are usually several events happening every week to choose from!  


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Here’s what our members are saying:

“The events are very varied. I think some people will be prompted to move out of their comfort zones if they can go with people they know and don’t have to go out on their own. There will in the future be a lot of happy members.” Maureen Gamon

“I think it is fantastic. A lot of my friends live away from the city, so to be able to just meet up with like-minded members for all sorts of events has been really wonderful for me.” Helen Bell

“Slack is especially great for singles who want to attend events but don’t want to go alone. The Slack platform is easy to use; you can control notifications and attend as many or as few events as you like. The Book channel is great for getting ideas about what to read next. I highly recommend others join Slack - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.” Kitty Muntz

To join the Social Networks you must be a club member; see Basic Member Information on the Member menu.

After browsing the photo gallery you might like to submit a few of your own photos. To do so first resize them to 800 x 600, then email them to, together with a short description.  Not all photos received will necessarily be published.

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PHOTO COMPETITION:  Winning photos for about the last 6 years of photo competitions.   Did you know that each year we give away cash prizes to the winners and runners-up of each section in the photo competition?   

2020 PHOTOS: Photos taken on club activities in 2020

 2019 PHOTOS:  Photos taken on club activities in 2019 

2018 PHOTOS: Photos taken on club activities in 2018

2017 PHOTOS: Photos taken on club activities in 2017



The club holds a number of other activities as follows. For more specific details see Upcoming Activities.

  • The club meets on the first Thursday of each month (except January) starting at 8 pm. The clubhouse is currently located at Mount Waverley Tennis Club (turn into Fleet St off High Street Road between Stephenson Rd and Blackburn Road), Mt Waverley, Melway 61 G12. All members and guests are welcome.

    The ordinary business of the meetings is to discuss the forthcoming walks for the month and raise any other club business. Annual General Meetings are also held in this forum. The formal business of each club night is followed by a presentation or activity loosely related to walking. There have been presentations of overseas walks, recent base camps, first aid in the bush, walking equipment, trivia nights and films.

    The meetings also provide an opportunity for members to meet and compare notes over a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Restaurant nights are held monthly, usually on the fourth Friday evening, in a suburban restaurant. This allows members to socialise in a relaxed environment. The restaurants may be BYO or fully licensed. All Club members, partners and friends welcome.

  • Lunches, generally scheduled for the second Friday in the month, are usually at pubs, have an optional seniors menu (or alike) and are close to public transport. They provide an opportunity for those who do not wish to drive at night to attend restaurant nights, but would like to meet up for a meal and a chat with their Club friends. All Club members, partners and friends welcome.
  • WCV celebrates Christmas with a lunch on both a Wednesday and a Saturday in December. All Club members, partners and friends welcome.

  • Cycling events or cycling base camps are held on an occasional basis for members interested in a change and/or cycling.

  • Social activities (music events, movies, arts, book club, etc) are arranged informally between members using a platform called Slack. For more details see Networks of Interest.
  • Interstate or overseas trips involving walking and/or base camps are held on a less frequent basis. Advance notice is given in the program. These events give members the opportunity for a great holiday with like-minded people.


The experience and equipment needed on WCV walks varies depending on type of walk and the difficulty of the walk itself.

All WCV walks require solid walking shoes or boots (sneakers are OK on the easier walks), a day pack, water (2 litres recommended, especially in summer), sun screen, hat, rain gear, warm gear and in most cases lunch. For the more difficult walks, boots are recommended and some people take walking poles although these are not essential. A first aid kit is desirable; for suggested contents see

Jeans should be avoided as they are very cold when wet and do not dry. Instead, wear synthetic quick-dry pants; there is a good selection of these at the outdoor shops. Many walkers wear pants that convert to shorts by zipping off the legs.

The level of experience and fitness is again dependant on the walk. All walks cover a distance of at least 10 km over a period of 3 to 4 hours, so walkers need to be capable of this level of walking. The more difficult walks are longer (both distance & time) and will include hills which will make even experienced walkers “puffed” so a greater level of fitness is required. The walk leader will be able to advise the difficulty of the walk and the level of fitness or experience required. It is important that, when booking in, you discuss your abilities with the leader in order to assess if the walk is within your capabilities. Once on the walk, it may be difficult to bail out early or to get help if any medical emergencies arise.

For all walks, it is essential that you let the walk leader know, at the time of booking in, of any medical or health problems you may have or of any other issues which may affect your walking.

The club also has a library of walking maps and books which can be borrowed by members for planning and leading club walks or for private walks.