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Photo Comp Goes Digital !!!

It's only a relatively short time until the photo competition at the February 2021 club night. The more entries we get the better, so now is the time to sort through your photos and prepare them for submission to the competition (details on how to submit will be announced later by email).  The rules have changed significantly:

In the annual photo competition we invite you to submit photos taken during the previous 12 months at Walking Club of Victoria activities and events, including travel to and from them. The prizes are $30.00 for first place and $20.00 for second place, per category.

Photos taken on a phone, tablet or camera are welcome. Entries are to be submitted in digital form prior to the advertised due date and are limited to no more than FOUR ENTRIES per participant for each category. The categories are:

1. Close upCloseup photos are ones showing usually hidden detail. They will be judged on how well they show that detail. They may or may not be macro photos. Macro photos contain images of objects 4 (or more) times larger than life. They are sometimes taken with a macro lens or setting but may be made with any high-resolution camera via cropping.

2. People

3. Landscape (scenery). People can be included but they cannot be the focus of the image.

4. Covid-19 Lockdown. Photos of ANY subject taken during the lockdown periods where group walking was not permitted.

You, the photographer, must identify the category of each photo you submit. You cannot enter the same image in more than one category. The photo will be judged according to the category you choose and the following are some of the points that will be considered by the judge:
a) technical merit
b) composition
c) overall visual appeal
The decision of the judge is final. The judge is not permitted to submit any entries. All entries will be anonymous to the judge.

All images will be displayed on the night of the competition prior to the announcement of placegetters. The winning images may also be displayed in club communication systems, the website and Contour Lines.