About Walks

We run one-day walks every Sunday and Wednesday and multi-day walks in the form of Pack Carries or Base Camps on an occasional basis. To see the walks scheduled for the current quarter see our Event Program.

Sunday Bush Walks

Walks are scheduled for every Sunday of the year. These typically take place in National Parks or other suitable bushlands within easy reach of Melbourne. The walks are graded, allowing participants to select walks based on their ability. Walks typically range between 10 and 20 km and vary from easy tracks to more difficult terrain. Walk location and difficulty are advertised in the walking programme allowing members to select the walks they wish to attend. Walkers usually meet at a suburban location close to public transport and then travel to the walk using car pooling. A trip fee of approximately 10c per kilometre on the total distance is payable to the driver. Walkers need to book with the leader at least three days (preferably one week) in advance.

Sunday walkers should have some experience and be at an appropriate level of fitness to be able to complete a 10 Km walk with some hills at a reasonable pace. Walkers will require solid shoes or boots, rain gear and a day pack to carry lunch, water and spare clothing. The walk leader will be able to provide further information.

Wednesday Walks

Wednesday walks are generally less strenuous and provide a pleasant mid-week social atmosphere. These walks usually take place in the suburban green areas or in the nearby hills with the occasional trip further afield using V-line. The walks are scheduled for every Wednesday of the year and are typically 10 to 14 km long, usually over easy tracks and frequently including coffee stops or even pub lunches. Being suburban, travel to and from the walks is nearly always by public transport. Wednesday walks are more spontaneous and final details are often only decided one or two days ahead of the walk. Walkers need to book in with the leader one or two days in advance.

Walkers do not require the level of experience or fitness needed for the Sunday walks. However walkers will need to be able to walk for at least 10 km at a reasonable pace and be able to cope with some hills. Walkers will require solid shoes/sneakers and should carry a small day pack for rain gear, lunch, water and spare clothing. Again, the walk leader will be able to provide advice on the fitness and equipment required.

Base Camp Walks

Base camp walks are organised on an ad hoc basis and usually occur on long week-ends or other holiday periods (eg. Easter or New Year), or mid-week. A base camp walk involves staying in one place for a number of days and carrying out day walks. This allows travelling further afield than the normal Sunday walks would allow and to locations of particular scenic interest where different and varied walks are possible. Accommodation for base camps varies from lodge accommodation, to tents or motels. Accommodation may be organised by the leader and numbers are usually limited. Base camp walks are normally planned well in advance and walkers need to book early.

The walks carried out from the base camps are usually similar to Sunday bush walks but may in part be longer and more difficult. Obviously walking for several days consecutively requires a greater level of fitness. Depending on numbers, several walks of various difficulties may be scheduled each day.

Pack Carries

Pack carries are also organised on an ad hoc basis. On pack carries walkers carry all of their own equipment including food, tents, cooking utensils, clothes etc. for the duration of the walk. The walks vary from two to six days. The location of the walks varies greatly and ranges from relatively close to Melbourne to interstate or even beyond. Location and duration, travel arrangements and other details are co-ordinated by the walk leader. Pack carry walks are again planned well in advance. Numbers are limited and walkers need to book early.

Pack carry walks are generally difficult especially given the load that needs to be carried. Walkers on these walks need to be fit and experienced and will be expected to have a good walking record. Walkers need to provide their own equipment; however the club has some equipment which is available for hire.


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