After browsing the photo gallery you might like to submit a few of your own photos. To do so first resize them to 800 x 600, then email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., together with a short description.  Not all photos received will necessarily be published.

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PHOTO COMPETITION:  Winning photos for about the last 6 years of photo competitions.   Did you know that each year we give away 3 annual memberships (worth $50 each) to the winners of each section in the photo competition?   Entries to the photo comp must be submitted in 150x100 mm format.  There are 3 categories:  scenery, people, and close-up (must be taken with the macro setting).

2018 PHOTOS: Photos taken on club activities in 2018

2017 PHOTOS: Photos taken on club activities in 2017

2016 PHOTOS: Photos taken on club activities in 2016

2015 PHOTOS:  Photos taken on club activities in 2015 

2014 PHOTOS:  Photos taken on club activities in 2014


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